PR for Authors

Your book may be self-published but that doesn’t mean you can’t be in the spotlight!

Always wondered how indie authors and entrepreneur-authors market their books and get into the media?

Magazines, newspapers, radio, and other platforms are open to interviewing and accepting commentary from people just like you! You just need to know how and I can unlock the secrets for you. 

I was quoted in the NY Times within six months of launching my new business – it was a single sentence but it made me realise how easy it was to get your name in the media when you know how and you bet I’ve learned how to leverage it!

I’ve since been quoted and interviewed in various print and digital magazines and newspapers. I’ve also been invited along to the BBC Studios twice and been on two all-expense-paid trips to London for a photoshoot and interview. Several of my clients have had their books in ‘Top Books for…’ listings, one had her book launch in Waterstones, and a few have hit bestseller.

Marketing for authors

Successful marketing and publicity aren’t just for famous authors and you don’t have to wait years to start attracting attention. There are many, many things you could be doing to market yourself that take up a lot of time and money but press attention can be found easily and cost you nothing once you know exactly how!

Check out the two options below and book the one that suits so we can get started.

How To Market As An Author

A literary cornucopia of tips, author advice, resources, and actions you can take to market yourself and your book!

Freelance book editor in Glasgow

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  • How to market before & after you publish
  • Book launch event checklist
  • 3 secrets to get your name in the press
  • 2020 printable calendar with literary dates
  • 50 social media post ideas
  • 24 blog posts ideas
  • Twitter Hours Mon-Sun list
  • 10 tips for Twitter for authors
  • 10 tips for Instagram for authors
  • 10 simple ways to market for free
  • Resources for writers
  • Hashtags for authors
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Spotlighting You VIP Coaching Package

My three publicity secrets to finding journalists already writing stories and looking for comment or case studies.
Press release template
Twitter hour list to get active in current conversations
Awareness days list for 2020 so you can pitch stories

1 x 60 min Skype session all for £75. Once you’ve purchased the coaching package, I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to arrange our Skype session and send you the above files so you can get started on marketing your book and yourself as an author!

Check out the two options above and either book straight away to get started or get in touch if you have some questions first!