Entrepreneur Author Programme

Entrepreneurs: Blank Page To 2020 Published Author

Are you very good at what you do? Do you know your industry and have real value and knowledge worth sharing?

Would you love to reach the next level of your business, attract bigger clients, get speaking opportunities, even charge the premium rates you see other ‘experts’ charge (even though you know you’re more skilled). And remember that big client you tried to give your business card to, knowing it’ll probably end up in a stack of other cards? Well, next time give them your new book and watch their face as they realise they’re dealing with a published author, perhaps even a bestselling one!

Stop for a second and picture a leader in your industry. What do they have that you don’t?

Authority. They are seen as an expert in the industry. And that allows them to set their pricing and terms exactly how they want them.

Do you think you would be able to increase your prices AND have more business if you were seen as an authority in your industry? It’s happened for some of my clients. Some of them have hit bestseller, all of them have 5-star reviews, one has donated his book profits to a favourite charity, another has been invited to speak at multiple events in an industry she’s been trying to break into, another is set to have his book made into a film.

‘But building authority takes years…right?’

Yes, you’re right. Normally it does take years, even decades to build up that authority. But there is one way to fast track it. 

Write a book about what you do! Have you always wanted to know how to publish a business book but have no time to write and no idea what steps you’d need to take?

‘Don’t I need to be an authority first to write a book?’

As long as you have knowledge to share, there is nothing stopping you from writing a great book.

This programme is designed to guide and support you through writing your book and giving the right knowledge for all the steps after The End. It is a very limited and acceptance is via application only. So, read on and book your application consultation today.

Published Author 2020

How would it feel to share a post on LinkedIn tomorrow announcing you are going to be a published author in 2020?

And how would it feel to have prospective clients coming to you because they loved your book, or get invited to speaking events to share your knowledge, or to sign copies of your book at your very own book launch? These are all things that have happened to some of my previous author clients.

How to publish a business book

What if you could carve out time to get your book written in just a few months and add ‘published author’ to your bio.

This programme will help you take your expertise and put it into words which can be turned into a published book. And if you think you don’t have time to write, I’ve learned a few secrets to help you carve out time or can even teach you how to write a book without picking up a pen!

From expert in your industry to entrepreneur-author

Having edited over 5.5 million words (and that’s just since I started tracking it) and worked with aspiring authors and entrepreneurs, I’ve learned a massive amount of stuff about writing and marketing a book and I’m ready to teach you all this insider knowledge and guide you in getting your book written and published.

You could have your book written in just a few months and published by summer or learn how to pitch to publishing agents.

Book Now to write your book

My first novel took me 7 years, it was barely edited and published without any marketing. It was a tough lesson to learn but I did! In 2020, I’m going to be publishing 10 of my own books! My second book took me less than 4 years and is currently getting interest from publishers in London and New York. Between last year and this year, I wrote four new nonfiction books and also started my next novel in November which is National Novel Writing Month where authors around the world aim to write 50,000 words in 30 days or less.

The key thing I’ve found is that entrepreneurs are busy and the sheer amount of information online is overwhelming. So I’ve done all the research and the trial and error for you.

What’s in the programme?

Here’s an outline of the content which includes Skype sessions, accountability, support, guidance, and templates:

1: From Entrepreneur To Entrepreneur-Author

If you have career and/or personal expertise which can offer value to others in your industry or to your clients and potential customers then publishing a book is a great way to elevate yourself.

You will get 6 x 60 Skype sessions with me one-to-one. In person can be arranged if you are either based in Central Scotland or travel expenses are covered (at present, all coaching will take place virtually until after the lockdown has ended).

You’re going to try three different ways to ‘write’ so we can work out which one is the most effective and efficient for you. This allows you to unlock your thoughts, write faster, and help prevent writers’ block.

2: Desk to 50k (words) – how to carve out time in your busy schedule to write

Heard of the sofa to 5k method? Well, this is your book writing version. Instead of taking years to write your book, get the words down in a few months. A published book can help establish you as an authority in your industry or on a particular topic, be a lead generator for new clients, serve as a gift for existing customers, potentially hook you opportunities for speaking engagements, and even another source of income. But most importantly, it can be your legacy!

I will teach you how to outline and write efficiently while making sure your book gives value to readers. We’ll review your time, habits, and self-care so I can help you carve out time in your existing schedule rather than adding to it! We’ll work out the best way for you to write your book efficiently whether it’s using 15 mins every morning, 60mins some evenings, or setting aside a half-day on the weekend.

3: Book Audience

A series of questions to help you figure out who your potential readers are and what they need from your book. We can also discuss what other opportunities your book could bring!

4: Book Strategy and Outline

There’s a template included to help you zero in on the key message and principles of your book. You’ll be able to create an outline and build on that to develop your book.

5: Feedback, critique, accountability

I will be with you each step of the way providing guidance and critique on what you’ve written so that you’re not getting off track and you stay accountable to our timeline.

6: Self-Publishing Vs Publisher

You’ll get a:

  • Pro & Cons list for each
  • Step-by-step checklist for self-publishing
  • Templates to pitch your book to publishing agents

7: After The End

You’re going to have questions, there may even be questions you didn’t know you should be asking! In the programme, you’ll get a list and timeline with everything you’ll need to consider, do, or outsource after you’ve finished writing your book. I can answer questions and offer guidance on what comes next. This can include self-editing, beta readers, professional editing, book cover creation, options for pricing, formatting, and more. It’s all here!

8: Book Selling and Distribution

There are several platforms you can use for distribution of your book and you may decide to make it available as an ebook, in softcover print, hardcover print, and even an audiobook.
You’re going to need to make decisions so I’ve done a lot of the research for you! This will help you gain an understanding of how to self-publish and then sell through the distributor you decide on.

But wait, there’s more…

Bonus 1: Marketing

You’ll also get a copy of my How to Market as an Author Guide which is packed with actions you can take.
Whether you get a traditional publishing agent or self-publish, you are going to need to market your book and bring in book sales. Many new authors make serious mistakes with this area and it’s the reason they don’t get book sales and often give up after their debut as an author. Some of my clients are working on their second books, one client has just asked to book me next year to edit her third and fourth book.
We’ll go through how to market your book and also yourself as an entrepreneur-author using techniques and resources I’ve discovered and implemented.

Bonus 2: Getting Press (only when paying in full)

Would it impress your prospective clients to know that not only are you a published author but you’re also an authority in your industry who offers your expert opinion to journalists on hot topics? I’ll share secrets on how to find what journalists are currently writing about and how to pitch your commentary to them and get your name in the media.

Please note: This programme is about getting your book written, it does not include the production of a book i.e. extensive editing, proofreading, book cover, formatting, printing, distribution. There may be additional services you need to outsource or do yourself. However, I can advise on what you can yourself for free and what is worth investing in. Amazon KDP self-publishing is completely free and they will do print-on-demand and distribution for no upfront cost (they earn from their share of the royalties). I am usually able to arrange for some services such as formatting for a small additional charge.

What’s Next?

I’m here if you have any questions during or after the programme. Once you’ve published your book, you can use it for multiple purposes. You may even decide to write another or a series of books. For now, let’s get started on this book and make you a published author. There are very limited spaces in the programme and once the spaces are full, the doors will close until later in the year. So, book a consultation today and then check out the payment options below and get your space booked in…

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The first payment is taken immediately and will continue monthly for the six payments so may finish before the programme ends).

Book editing for entrepreneur authors