Book Marketing for Authors

Always wondered how indie authors and entrepreneur-authors sell lots of books and get into the press?

Great marketing is key to building an audience for your book – it’s how you sell more books and even hit bestseller.

Free advertising techniques, paid ads, cross-promotions, press attention – there are so many ways to market your book and yourself as an author. Magazines, newspapers, radio, and other platforms are open to interviewing and accepting commentary from people just like you! You just need to know how and I can unlock the secrets for you.

Freelance book editor and author coach - 5-star client reviews and all 5-star book reviews.

I’ve been quoted and interviewed in various print and digital magazines and newspapers. Twice I’ve also been invited along to the BBC Studios and been on two all-expense-paid trips to London for a photoshoot and interview. Client achievements:

  • Several have their books in ‘Top Books for…’ listings and a few have hit bestseller.
  • Book launch in Waterstones and has been invited to multiple events as a motivational speaker.
  • Quit her job and launched a business aimed at the women who read her books.
  • Using his book to leverage his ‘expert status’ and now charging higher prices.
  • In talks to have his book made into a screenplay and filmed.

Successful book marketing and publicity aren’t just for famous authors and you don’t have to wait years to start attracting attention.

How To Market As An Author

A literary cornucopia of tips, author advice, resources, and actions you can take to market yourself and your book! An easy-to-use, 75+-page guide for all your book marketing and author need.

How to market a book
  • Marketing before & after you publish
  • Self-publishing & book launch checklists
  • Secrets to get your name in the press
  • 2020 calendar with literary dates
  • Social media & blog posts ideas
  • Twitter Hours Mon-Sun list
  • 10 tips for Twitter & Instagram
  • Resources & hashtags for authors
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Market My Novel Challenge

Designed to give you an action to take each day via a series of emails. The challenge is practical, the techniques work and most importantly they’re easy-to-follow and most take only 5-30mins. You will learn a LOT! And you can keep the emails so you can work at your own pace and can use them again and again until you’ve designed a marketing strategy that works for you.

I run these 21-day fiction & nonfiction challenges every month (Begin My Novel, Finish My Novel, Market My Novel). They run for the last three weeks of each month and you’ll get an email each morning with a challenge/tip/resources to help you create your own marketing strategy.

Market My Book (Nonfiction)

Market My Novel (Fiction)

Author Coaching Package

Together, we will review which areas you need help with, what you are doing but could do better, and how you can market your book and yourself. This is tailored to where you are now and where you want to be so it’s ideal whether you are still in the early stages of writing your book or you have already published.

The Author Coaching Package is £200 and includes:

  • 2 x 90 min Skype sessions
  • My three publicity secrets to finding journalists already writing stories and how to contribute to their upcoming articles.
  • An author press release template
  • 83-page How to Market as an Author Guide
  • Bespoke marketing report (sent after coaching sessions)

Once you’ve purchased the coaching package, I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to arrange our first Skype session.

Check out the three options above and either book straight away to get started or get in touch if you have some questions first!