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Young and brave in business

Although some might argue I am still young (I’m 21 years old), I find inspiration in people of all ages. I am hoping to inspire not only those who are younger than me, but also my age, or even those who are older than me – and who knows, maybe I will attract similar mindsets with whom I can build with, be it an inspiration cycle or important projects we have a mutual interest in.

My name is Andra Maria Maciuca, and I am in my final year studying journalism at the University of Sheffield. It is a difficult, stressful and busy time of my life, but I cannot stop thinking about future plans with excitement.

Business has always interested me and recently I have been thinking more and more about ways of doing it. I do, however, have two bigger passions than business, which are music and journalism, so I thought I could combine all three of them and start a website focusing on music journalism mainly, while also potentially covering other subjects and people I find interesting and important.

I want to freelance in something I can proudly leave behind. I want to talk about people who inspire me, and I want to help people grow. I find no greater pleasure than succeeding in what I love and seeing others succeeding too – and, like I have always said, the only competition I have is myself and, thus, I am only trying to be consistently better than I was yesterday.

I do not know if I will succeed in making money out of my website, but that is not my main goal for the time being. I am a firm believer in the fact that whatever you put in, you get out – and so far my life-long hard work has paid off and brought an inmense satisfaction in my heart. If successful, I know that I will not only help others succeed, but also help myself in meeting the right people with whom I could start collaborating and stepping up on the music career ladder I have always longed for. In addition to this, there is one more way in which I would go about combining my communication skills with my music passion and abilities. Except for freelance journalism, I would also love to launch my own record label. The biggest challenge? Just like with all group projects you invest time, effort, passion and even money in, the hardest will probably be finding people as willing to commit as I am.

Another thing I would like to do, but which is not necessarily a priority, is launch an app. I believe the most difficult decision I will have to make when starting to work on this would be choosing between a niche target audience and a broad one. Just because something would appeal to bigger masses, does not necessarily mean it will be more successful than a focused brand or product which has long been wanted or needed. And it wouldn’t align with my values either – I have never been interested in appealing to the masses. If it does happen, then it does have it benefits, but appealing to a small number of people can make me equally happy if not happier.

Although success for me primarily means leaving something behind, be it art, mindsets or simply inspiring other lifestyles, if I did manage to have a financially rewarding career, I would invest in experiences – one of my biggest goals is travelling everywhere in the world – or to as many places as money and time resources allow me to.

It might sound like a cliché, but I do believe that it does not matter how old you are, as long as you make every year of your life count!

About Andra:-

I am from Bucharest, Romania, having worked incredibly hard since childhood. I attended two schools simultaneously for eight years – a normal one and a music school and I participated in over 100 piano contests and festivals, winning prizes and certificates both nationally and internationally.

In addition to this, I can play the guitar and sing, and I have done it live on radio and TV multiple times. I am fluent in three languages: Romanian, English and Spanish and studied French and German as well. I have done a lot of volunteering work, including as an editor and news editor of a magazine I worked with for three years and a half. Moreover, ever since I started university I have been accumulating a lot of work experience with national and international press, radio and television, including Forbes Romania, BBC and ITV.

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