Your website is much more than an expensive business card! It has two jobs, to be found in search engines by potential clients, and to convert browsers into buyers. I can write in a way that builds trust, convinces people to buy into your brand, and want to click that buy button. Hire MakeMeASuccess for all your print and digital copywriting needs.

As a published writer and author with a background in sales and marketing, I know exactly how to win over your customers.  When I say there is no job too big or too small I mean it. I’ve worked on client projects where I’ve had to come up with a single word, short taglines, extensive blog posts and I’ve even written a novel which is over 110,00 words (currently working on a trilogy!)

If you have a business, a project, or even just the beginnings of an idea then I can work with you to turn it into something incredible. Creating text for websites, professional profiles, sales and marketing brochures, and social media content are all areas I am highly skilled and experienced with. I can provide you with original, sales driven content for any platform. Get in touch to book or for a full list of MMAS Services and the fantastic choice of packages from Start-Up ‘Kick Start’ to ‘Business Overhaul’! Or you can Work With Me in powerful brainstorming & coaching sessions to learn how to apply my proven techniques now and in future.

Clever ranking techniques for better traffic from online searches using SEO and keywords on your website, blog post or product description.Outsourcing to a copywriter can help save you time and build your client base by improving traffic and converting potential customers into buyers.

Great content can expose your business to your ideal clients. Involving them through telling your story, PR, blogging and charity work lets them see the person behind the logo and we all know people are more likely to buy from people and business they like and trust. You are your business’ greatest asset so focus on what you do best and run it while I do what I do best.

P.S. Coming soon…you’ll be able to download the straightforward DIY guide for valuable tips on business improvement and purchase my brand new Start-Up book available this spring.