Book Editing and Ghostwriting

Have you long suspected you have a book in you? Perhaps you’ve been working on it for years but can’t seem to finish, or is it that you need the words coaxing out of you, or maybe you just haven’t got the time to write it yourself?

This is the beginning of your journey to becoming a published author in 2018. I work in three different ways to suit you:MakeMeASuccess Book Editing & Ghostwriting

  1. Straightforward proofreading and grammatical review
  2. Developmental editing taking your existing content from first draft to polished and ready to publish.
  3. Full ghostwriting from beginning to The End.

Whether you want an editor who will work one-on-one with you throughout the entire editing process or you just need someone to take you over the finish line then I can step in and guide you to becoming a published author this year. You will always receive a personal and bespoke service from me.

I’m an individual rather than a large company and I’ve also published my own novel and have a business book launching this year. So I’ve questioned myself and shared your doubts and wondered if it will ever happen too. There are no silly questions and I can offer guidance even if it’s a children’s book with only a few words per page, a technically detailed business guide, or a sprawling hundred thousand word novel. My goal is to unlock potential in you and your book!

As an author, I understand the excitement and passion in publishing your own book, but I also know how time-consuming it can be and not everyone has the hours to commit to writing, editing, and publishing a business book or novel. Before I begin writing, I’ll take the time to pick up the phone or arrange a Skype call to get to know you and your book. To speak with me and have all your questions answered, get in touch and let’s chat.

Option One – proofreading 

Double Read Through – meticulous editing where I will correct spelling, typos, and grammar.

Option Two – development

Triple Read Through – I go beyond just basic proofreading and help you become a better writer. This level covers the above as well as a critical review, rewrite, and developmental editing.

Option Three – ghostwriting

From concept to finished book. This service includes:

  • Planning and outlining of your book-to-be
  • Ghostwriting original content for your fiction or non-fiction book. This is usually based on your notes/ideas, interviews, and/or research with yourself.
  • Formatting can be included on request

As a professional book editor and ghostwriter, my fees are always very competitive. My bespoke prices depend on the estimated word count of your book and also the extent of editing that will need to take place to take it to a polished product.

I’m experienced in working on fiction and non-fiction, and have a preference for Niche Business; Contemporary/Mainstream; Literary Fiction; Women’s Fiction; Young Adult; Creative Nonfiction.

If you are an aspiring author seeking high-quality editing or ghostwriting then let’s chat.

What have others said about me?

I encourage you to check out the comments below as well as my testimonials page with reviews from my delighted clients. I’ve also been featured in various magazines, newspapers, and on the radio, as you can see in my Press section.

So what happens when we begin working together?

Options 1 & 2 – once I receive your full manuscript and we have confirmed an estimated date for finishing, then I start with a straight read through. This allows me to get a better idea of the overall concept. On the second reading, I meticulously line edit, correct punctuation, typos, and grammatical errors, and I will make suggestions for you to review. Once I have your input on my recommendations, I’ll make stylistic improvements so we have a completed second draft. You have the opportunity to read through at each stage if you would prefer to be involved. The final stage is a thorough proofread and then we’re done and you’re ready to self-publish or begin the steps towards getting traditionally published.

Option 3 – we will have a Skype or phone call (or in person meet if local) to discuss your book concept. I’ll write up a skeleton outline and chapter ideas. Once you’re happy with this I begin writing! We’ll go through 3-4 stages/drafts until we’ve got a finished and polished manuscript. Although I am doing all the writing for you, it is still necessary for you to schedule some time to review and accept/reject suggestions so I can proceed to the next stage. Ghostwriting is still a team effort but this also allows you to make sure it has your own stamp on it and it still feels like your own book.

What additional support do you provide?

I’m also an accomplished copywriter and published writer who can help you with articles, marketing and press releases/opportunities, and even your author bio and website. Click here to learn more about my copywriting services.

I’ve even written an informative DIY guide with helpful tips and insights about self-publishing and marketing your book. It is available for £50 and is a 13-page value-packed investment to help you get off to a great start selling your book.

Our Partnership in Creating your Book

To me, every client and manuscript is unique, which is why I prioritise getting to know you and your book to determine how best to achieve your publishing goals. I get personally involved in every aspect of the process and your journey to becoming a published author which is why I only work with clients I believe in and subjects I’m passionate about. I’m available to you via phone, Skype, social media, and email during office hours. Book your consultation and become a published author this year!