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MMAS Is A Wow Award Winner! (and more exciting news)

Exciting news! In October, Jacqueline Gold of Anne Summers fame and hugely successful business acclaim choose MakeMeASuccess as a Wow Award Winner.

In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s a competition she runs over on Twitter. You pitch her what you do and how you do great things for your clients/others/the world. Each week she chooses her favourite businesses.

My successful pitch said: ‘Launching my business has allowed me to fire up others in their own writing. In turn, it has given me the flexibility and freedom to commit over 200hours to volunteer as a Teen Mentor. This is something I’m immensely proud of in my business. Not only do I have the time to do this as a business owner but I also help others work smarter so they have more free time to do whatever they want too! I’ve also found the time to write my second fictional novel which has been requested for reading by four publishing houses. My non-fiction business ebook will be published soon as well.’

In my old 9-5 job, I was exhausted, drained of inspiration, and rather than being excited about moving up the career ladder. I was so limited because my hours weren’t my own Monday to Friday so I was only interested in having a social life by the time the weekend came around and made very little time to write. When you write a book or launch your business, if you are anything like me, it can feel like an overwhelming amount of time, work, and effort in the beginning. What if you could learn how to get through those blocks, write more efficiently, carve out time in your existing schedule, and get that book finished? Connect with me to chat about author coaching. I’ve been able to commit to my writing goals, gain publicity for my business, and volunteer. I also have more free time for travel, socialising, and spending time with my amazingly supportive family and friends.

And An Award Nominee Too

More good news this month:

I was also a nominee for Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year! You can read my Self Starter Interview and find out how to nominate yourself for next year. And just announced, I was honoured to be shortlisted for The Independent’s Extraordinary Women Award.

It’s exciting being an award winner/nominee! More importantly, you can do this too. Those accolades can elevate your online presence as an author and business expert. Whether you want to grow a fanbase for your novels or use your business book to raise your audience, awards and press attention can help and potentially bring traffic to your website with further book sales. Find out more about my PR for Authors or if you have any questions get in touch.

Love, Kirsten

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