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How to look the business and feel great!

How can your look impact on your business? Surely it can’t…can it? We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder/only skin deep etc. but is that true?
A recent study showing that wearing makeup can enhance your performance in exams suggests that how we look has a huge impact on how we feel. How we feel then affects how we behave. Skin condition DOES affect confidence, as anyone who has ever had a spot or worse will know only too well.
Consider someone with acne or rosacea: They know that their skin is blemished. They worry that other people will think they are somehow unclean. They feel unclean. They spend valuable time obsessing on other people’s opinions. They look at those with nice skin and start to envy them. Then perhaps feel guilty about being jealous of someone who is perfectly nice. This is a lot of mental anguish building up!
It can be harder for someone with blemished skin to interact with others, both in business and leisure activities if their confidence levels are low. They might not speak up in meetings, they may not go for promotions – I’ve known women who do this. They miss out on social occasions because they can’t face other people looking at their face.
We all know that other people are more interested in their own problems than ours, but deep down, many with blemished skin are paranoid about it and think everyone else is commenting on their complexion. They aren’t, but it feels like it.
It’s a vicious cycle because worrying about the skin causes stress which can make it worse. Comfort eating can follow and nobody I’ve ever met comfort eats salad. (Unfortunately.) So poor diet  worse skin ► more stress comfort eating worse skinetc. What we need to establish is a virtuous circle instead.
It’s initially hard for people with bad skin to learn to love it but it is possible, and by treating their face with kindness and gentle products, anyone can have a radiant complexion. It just takes time and a little effort –not a lot, and good advice. That’s where I come in.
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Jane has been making people feel great and look good for more years than she takes off your skin age after a treatment. Visit her wonderful salon in Shroud and go on a Skincredible journey to beautiful skin.
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