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Maintaining a business through ill health

I’m not sure about you but my first six months of the year have flown in and July has arrived like an old friend you know you haven’t seen for a year but it feels like a few weeks ago! It’s been a manic mix of business rebranding, editing my new business book, lots of fun publicity (including being flown 1st class down to London for a shoot), some great memories in three countries, working on my second novel (following that old-not-really-Hemingway advice about editing), a glass or two of wine along the way to celebrate the wins (and the losses too because they’re just lessons learned.), and unfortunately a couple of hospital visits and a minor surgery!

The biggest lesson I had to learn this year has been about taking care of myself. When you’re self-employed you don’t always have the support and finances in place if you get sick and it’s so important to consider those factors early on.

If you suddenly take ill here are some points to keep your business running:

  • Create a sick-day fund to cover any bills – a savings account with enough to cover 1-3 months of bills.
  • Have a recommended replacement person for your clients – create a group of 2-4 people in your industry that you can trust who will take on your client projects for you in an emergency.
  • Network with other people in your industry so you can ask for last-minute favours (remember to offer in return!)
  • Have a blog bank ready so you don’t miss any regular posts
  • Automate as much of your business as possible – social media, newsletters, invoices, even emails can be set to go out without you needing to access your laptop.

This month I’m doing something different and launching a Guest Blog Series so the following 30 posts this July are from a group of incredible women who have some wisdom of their own to share.

Please read, comment, and share these fantastic posts and if you have something to add then drop an email and I may do another month!


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