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Headshots: Selfie Vs Pro

I had a selfie as my business photo for years! I know, I know, it wasn’t doing me any favours at all. I knew I needed to get a professional headshot to replace it and it’s something I now recommend to my coaching clients. But, I’ll admit I’ve been just as bad as the next person at taking my own advice when it came to a professional headshots.

After 2years in business, I had a newspaper interview and they sent along a photographer to take a few shots. Since I didn’t have an office at the time we decided to go a little avant-garde and I stood next to an old fountain in beautiful nearby gardens! It was fun, albeit cold in November and in the end my arms looked blue!

The truth is I hate getting my photo taken and particularly when you know it’s for business and someone is pointing a camera and telling you to smile on cue! I’d even gone as far as using Snapchat filters for when my skin wasn’t looking so good or I didn’t have time to do my makeup properly.

When I began my rebrand a month or so ago, I was placing images and reflected on that photo shoot and the visuals I was using across my website and social media. It made me take an objective look at my own photos. I
realised I wasn’t projecting the image I wanted and the photos were badly edited or low quality. Using Snapchat might make my skin look a bit smoother but I was so bleached out that I’d lost all my personality in my photos. Gone were my beloved freckles and the pink in my cheeks.

Until now…

I connected with David Ho on LinkedIn and kept seeing his Before and After shots in my news feed. The photos kept catching my eye and I found myself pausing in my scrolling to check the colourful or black and white images. Professional men and women that looked approachable and confident, exactly how I wanted to look.

So, I reached out and booked a session and you can see the results below. I can’t get over the difference and have had to put my hands up and admit that I’m converted to professional images now. In fact, if I could convince David to quit his business and become my personal photographer following me around shooting all my social media images, it would be a dream!

Here are David’s top tips for a great headshot:

1. Get it done professionally.

There’s no getting away from the fact that a professional headshot photographer will have Kirsten Rees, Professional Copywriter and Coachthe skill and experience to create a far more impactful and fit-for-purpose business headshot than you can do on your own with a camera phone.

And unless it’s for Facebook, selfies send out entirely the wrong message in a professional setting.


2. Dress appropriately for business.

Kirsten Rees, Professional Copywriter and CoachThink smart, simple and elegant. Block colours and classic cuts win over fussy designs every time.

Dress to convey competence and understated confidence.




3. Relax! If you feel nervous, you’ll start to force expressions that aren’t natural and it’ll show.

So do as much as you can to put yourself into a positive, happy, carefree frame of mind prior Kirsten Rees, Professional Copywriter and Coachto your photo-shoot.

Take the morning off, enjoy lunch in good
company, listen to your favourite music, anything that makes you feel good about yourself prior to your photo-shoot.




For more information, contact David on his professional headshot website. Or call Professional Headshots Scotland on 07710-446447.

P.S Here’s me a couple of weeks later at an event, already putting some of David’s tips to use!

Kirsten Rees, Professional Copywriter and Coach






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