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Happy Birthday to me!

So I decided to write this post near the end of the month instead of posting on the 2nd as I always do! I promise it wasn’t laziness, I have a very good reason. It’s my birthday month and I had so much I wanted to get done and it inspired the idea for this post! Yes, it’s October and my favourite time of the year! As much as I will always be a sun worshiper and summer girl at heart, this time of year bring around my celebrations, Halloween which I love, and of course, I get to reflect on all the amazing memories I’ve made since my last birthday and write my new bucket list for the year ahead!

So, I actually have a Birthday Month! My family and friends are used to this tradition but whenever I mention it to a stranger, they exclaim ‘You can’t have a birthday month!’ and my reply is always ‘Who not’ or ‘Who says?’. After all, it’s my birthday, my life, and my money I’m spending. It’s a really useful opportunity for me to be exceptionally brave for at least 31days of every year and hit some goals.

So without further ado for my 2017 Birthday Month:-

  • I pitched my novel for the first time (even though it wasn’t really ‘finished’ but I’d been working on it for 4years!) and this month FOUR publishing agents requested to read it.
  • Two amazing clients have signed up to work with me over the coming months and I’m so excited!
  • Finally sent away for my provisional license – yes I am in my 30s and still cannot drive. My theory test is booked and my lessons begin next month.
  • Put myself forward for a business award! This will be my very first one so fingers crossed.
  • I nominated myself as a guinea pig to test a new app and ended up getting an all-expenses-paid trip to London, flights, accommodation, photo shoot and all! It was amazing and can’t wait to see the piece which will be featuring in my Press section very soon.

Do you struggle to be brave? Do you keep telling yourself I’ll do it on Monday, maybe next month, there’s always next year? STOP! If you don’t actively put it in your calendar and plan the run up to doing something you are never going to get it done. If it matters to you then choose a realistic date in your future, it doesn’t matter if it’s 2days/2weeks/2months/2years put it in your calendar on your phone or wall or wherever you keep it. Then work back the way in stages. Do you need to prep beforehand, have you go studying to do first, are there any sources you’ll need to check out, have you got mini-deadlines to meet? Breaking it down into manageable stages makes it way less scary and you are statistically more likely to reach your goal if you properly plan for it and actively take steps to reach it.

Wishing won’t win awards, hoping can’t earn you accolades, thinking about it will never get you there. Go do it!!!

Anyway, I’m currently having an incredible 31days of fun, events, socialising, trying new things (driving) and a few old things  (80s roller disco anyone!) Thanks for your patience for this post and hope you’re having a great October.

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