2016 End of year goals

As we approach the end of another year, many of begin to think about what we’ve achieved and the year ahead. I’ve never been great at new year resolutions, I’ve always thought January was a terrible time to start anything fresh, let’s face it, it’s the Monday of the year. Between the come down from the non-stop festivities, the hangover, the dreaded back-to-work first day, the barrage of gym membership adverts…

There’s a lot of pressure to turn over a new leaf and suddenly become a happier, healthier, better version of yourself. As I go into the new year, I’m not going to attempt unrealistic changes or spend January worrying that I’m still the same me. But the main reason they are unrealistic is because there is no plan, no deadlines, no accountability and no pat on the back for those baby steps.

Instead, I’ve written goals and achievements that I am going to work towards throughout the year. They’re all written on my business wall planner (even the personal goals) as a visual and daily reminder. I worked on this heavily in October and November so that I could take time until the end of the year to create a successful year ahead that is workable and achievable.

This year I’ve had some trials with my health and taken some time out from my business. It’s given me time to work on my next novel and finally get started on the business book I’ve wanted to write for years. So getting both of those published is a goal but I have step-by-step goals working up to that achievement. The most effective way to get something done is to break it down into stages and work through them. It also helps if you have someone to keep you accountable, whether it’s a business partner, someone in your industry or just a friend who has an active interest.

All I want from next month is to reflect on this one which I hope will be full of fun, family, friends, and good food.

I’m off to enjoy December as I wind down from a busy year…happy holidays and see you all in 2017!

To hit your goals by the end of 2017, let’s have a chat about how you can do better in your business.

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