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Check please!

When it comes to content, check, check and check again. I cannot stress this enough, saving time by not checking everything you’ve written will only cost you later. Typos, mistakes in pricing, forgetting to add a link or adding the wrong image sending an email to the wrong person – we’ve all done it! There are methods and tools to help avoid all of these potentially costly mistakes but usually just taking that extra moment to double check everything is all it takes.

Emails – leave adding the email address until last. That way you won’t risk hitting send too soon and you’ll be focused on adding the right address after you’ve finished writing the email.

Content – run your text through a checker program like grammarly.com to check for spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax etc. I always recommend proofreading it as well or asking someone else to run their eyes over it for you especially if it’s important as technology isn’t foolproof!

Originality – no one’s asking you to remake the wheel but make sure you put your own voice in your words. Never, ever copy someone else’s work without crediting them – aside from being just plain rude, it’s plagiarism. All my work is completely original and authentically written to suit client’s target market. I encourage them to use tools such as copyscape.com so they have confidence in its uniqueness.

Use a tick list – if you’re forgetful or prone to missing things out of bad habits then use a list and tick off each need-to-do item as you do it. It takes seconds and you’ll know you’re email, advert, newsletter etc. is perfect and includes everything promised.

To-do list – in my early days, I was juggling a lot of small clients every week and there were times when I just plain forgot to do something. I discovered tools like Trello and began adding everything on that I had to do in any given day/week/month and loved getting to drag and drop into the complete list!

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