Authoring is so much more than writing a book. It’s a business and there is a whole industry out there offering an overwhelming amount of services, products, and advice on the entire process from writing to marketing your book. Not to mention the journey of ‘becoming an author’ which really when you think about it is a job and should be treated as such.

My background is copywriting, marketing, and events so before I began writing and publishing my own books and working with clients on theirs, I already had a good understanding of running a successful business. So many of those skills have been transferable and it’s enabled me to launch my author career rather than treating it as another hobby. The last thing I needed was another ‘interest’ since I’m already trying to juggle salsa dancing, swimming, and eugh going to the gym (not nearly enough) so I wanted to commit time and energy and do it professionally.

I had already written so many blog posts on launching and running a business as well as several great guest posts so I  decided to keep them alongside newer posts dedicated to writing and book marketing advice.

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Author Blog – launching January 2019!

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