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How To Be Smug About Your Tax Return!

Let me say this first because it’s the most important, 31st January is not your tax return DUE date, it’s the final, very last day you can submit. We all know that leaving things to the very last minute only causes added stress, frustration. Not to mention the wasted time as many have to take time out of their business day, rearrange plans, pull out old paperwork, struggle to find receipts, and all the things… Read More How To Be Smug About Your Tax Return!

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A New Perspective (New Year Post)

When New Year arrived, on the first morning of 2018 I decided I want to be braver this year. We lost my father to cancer in August and I’m sure many of you will appreciate that loss and grief changes you in unexpected ways. The past few months leading up to the new year were overwhelming, painful, and so many other things that I had no words for and that was something new for me. I… Read More A New Perspective (New Year Post)

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Preparing for Success in 2018 (3 Last-Minute Tips!)

It’s that time of year again when we’ve hopefully finished or maybe only just started preparing for success in 2018! One last hurrah before the holidays and we give ourselves some well-deserved time off. Your products and/or services MAY be the most amazing thing in your industry right now. However, if you don’t have the right content marketing, customers aren’t going to know! A product’s marketing is only as good as the content and visuals.… Read More Preparing for Success in 2018 (3 Last-Minute Tips!)

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MMAS Is A Wow Award Winner! (and more exciting news)

Exciting news! In October, Jacqueline Gold of Anne Summers fame and hugely successful business acclaim choose MakeMeASuccess as a Wow Award Winner. In case you haven’t heard of it, it’s a competition she runs over on Twitter. You need to pitch her what you do and how you do great things for your clients/others/the world. Each week she chooses her favourite businesses. My successful pitch said: ‘Launching my copywriting business has allowed me to fire up… Read More MMAS Is A Wow Award Winner! (and more exciting news)