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I believed what they said about me!

When another person has an opinion about you, there are times it will feel like a fact. In school, I was never the smart kid or the popular one. In fact, I’ll let you in on a little secret I was bullied through most of primary and early secondary school. The few people I’ve told that to never believe me because of where I am in my life now. I was scared of everything and with a helicopter parent, I never really had to take any risks so I lived in my little safety net always saying no to opportunities.

I’d considered teaching but the career’s councillor suggested something that didn’t require leadership skills….since I had none. I still remember her words as I sat in the office having confessed that I’d love to teach, only to have it dashed. I was only 16years old and had just got an A in English, several Bs, and passed all seven standard grades.

However, I did get a D in Computing, and my parents had hired a math tutor to get me through my exam. I was excelling in the subjects I loved and felt useless in others. In the end, I passed all of my higher exams with decent grades, left school and went to college.

I studied a bunch of subjects like Psychology and Economics because I had no clue what I wanted to do as a career. Of course, being a millennial I wasn’t alone in that and new jobs were being created all the time. I found myself in college, and I don’t mean in a spiritual or cult-way, I gained confidence and learned how to stand up for myself. So, I decided to do make a bucket list and apply for a job overseas. Every single person in my life had an opinion and told me I’d be back home within 2weeks but this time I wasn’t listening.

I worked the entire season and even began ticking off that list which eventually inspired my charity fundraising. When I got home, I applied to university to study Business Management which I passed and then went on to do a course in Creative Writing. In between, I accepted several jobs which took me to the Balearics and mainland Spain, and I volunteered in an orphanage in Romania. In 2012, I quit a decent paying 9-5 in sales and after my last sabbatical travelling in Hong Kong and South Africa, I came home with an idea for a business (and a manuscript for a novel).

I launched MakeMeASuccess copywriting business, that expanded to include business coaching – Haute Copy & Couture Coaching. In 2014, I published my first novel and currently working on a YA trilogy and a non-fiction business book. That grade I got in computing didn’t stop me from building my first website, teaching myself basic coding, or learning how to create visuals for my social media. I may not have been teacher material at 16, but nowadays, I’m coaching entrepreneurs one-to-one and in group workshops. And I’m a volunteer Teen Mentor working with the charity Move On. I don’t say any of these things to boast, I say them because I hope it will show you that education comes in many forms, and the only opinion that will decide if you fail or succeed is your own.

One of my proudest achievements is I’ve been invited back to my old high school to give a talk to pupils and students during career’s week. I’m planning on telling them my story in the hope it will inspire some of them.

Don’t let another’s compliments get to your head, their opinion affect your decisions, nor their criticism in your heart.

Happy New Year,

I truly hope this is your year in business! To find out more about reaching your goals, book a discovery call with me and find out how my style of copywriting or coaching could work for you!

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