The written word is one of the most powerful tools we have in business; much like the handshake, it needs strength, motivation and real energy to evoke any kind of response.  As an experienced and published copywriter and business coach, I work with clients to improve, engage and ignite their business.

Someone once told me that what I do is an ‘art form’. Not something I’m ever going to say about myself but it was nice to hear. Copywriting is unconsciously and subtly persuading people that they want to buy from you and buy now, and it works!

Have a business, product or service to offer? Struggling for time or lost for words? I can create fresh, sales-driven copy for your website, marketing brochure, or social media content and help turn your browsers into buyers! If your Homepage, About Us, or Sales & Landing Pages are in need of an overhaul, you can place your order below. Alternatively, you can check out the MMAS Solutions for New Business and Existing Business.

Marketing Your Business

Your new product might be the most amazing thing in your industry right now but if you don’t have the right content marketing, customers aren’t going to know about it or be able to find it! A product’s marketing is only as good as the content written about it and the visuals you use – this could be anything from a product description, video, press release, article, blog or customer review.

You have control over every single one of these, and believe me even that last one! However, to get customer testimonials you need people to buy your products in the first place, and for that to happen they need to find your product or service and be seriously convinced to buy! MMAS can also help develop your online presence through blogging and SEO and get you ranking better in Google searches. Or if you’re interested in gaining exposure through PR, I can help you discover your story and write your pitch to journalists. Check out my press portfolio.

Marketing is essentially subliminal messaging – you may want to shout louder about your product than your competitor, but didn’t your parents teach you shouting rarely gets you anywhere? They may not be right about everything (we’ve seen the fashion in photos!), but they did get this one spot on.

There are so many platforms out there to market what you are selling but no matter whether you have a basic or really expensive website, active social media platforms, good old fashioned flyers, or you’re going to networking meetings and talking about it all…you needs words. You might need a few sentences to concisely but powerfully get across how incredible your brand is or perhaps you need several thousand for a website. Whether you’re just starting out or in need of fresh perspective, get in touch for a chat about what my copyediting services can do for you.

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