Kirsten had a rather colourful career before founding MakeMeASuccess | Haute Copy & Couture Coaching. She lived, worked, and volunteered in five other countries, and previously added bra fitter, highest-earning executive sales rep, fashion writer, and even a summer as Bugs Bunny to her resume. Since launching in 2013, Kirsten has worked with many creative, passionate business owners who want beautifully persuasive content. Whether you need copy produced for your business or want to learn how to create it yourself through coaching, with MakeMeASuccess it will always resonate with your target audience.

2017 has been a successful year with one award win and two award nominations for Entrepreneur of the Year and Extraordinary Woman of the Year. Kirsten has also featured in various notable magazines and newspapers, and been interviewed on the radio. Recently she took part in the Mentoring School’s Summit Interviews alongside The Apprentice winners Alana and Tim. With a head for marketing, she always has SEO in mind and a press-worthy focus when writing copy for every single client.

As a copywriter and business coach, her approach is often hugs, not handshakes in quite the non-stereotypical British fashion. Her services include webcopy, blog posts, business profiles, ghostwriting, and other content as well as one-to-one and group coaching. After publishing a fictional novel, she has since spent this year working on her first business book aimed at start-ups…coming in January 2017!

About MMAS

The written word is one of the most powerful tools we have in business; much like the handshake, it needs strength, motivation and real energy to evoke any kind of response.  As an experienced and published copywriter and business coach, Kirsten writes engaging content to help improve organic traffic and website rankings, and to ignite your business.

“Someone once told me that what I do is an ‘art form’. Not something I’m ever going to say about myself but it was nice to hear. Copywriting is unconsciously and subtly persuading people that they want to buy from you and buy now, and it works!”

Have a business, product or service to offer? Struggling for time or lost for words? Kirsten can create fresh, sales-driven copy for your website, business book, marketing brochure, or social media profile, and help turn your browsers into buyers! Book a Discovery Chat to ask any questions about MMAS Copywriting or Coaching services.

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