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Confused about branding?

The answer may be closer than you think…

As a qualified marketer, I fell in love with personal branding early on in my career after hearing International keynote speaker, thought-leader and, in my opinion, the very fabulous Lesley Everett run a workshop at a conference on personal branding and reputation management.

If I asked you to name a brand, companies such as Apple, Coca Cola or Virgin will probably instantly come to mind. If I asked you to think of an individual who is a ‘brand’, you may say Mother Teresa, Oprah, Santa Claus (yes he is a brand in his own right!), or you may think of an actor or singer who have full-time agents who are constantly managing their reputation in the press and social media.

But what about your brand? Yes, you?

Many people make the mistake of thinking a brand is just a logo, worry about what the logo looks like and maybe invest a lot of money into their logo at the start of their business, but a brand is so much more than a logo!!

A brand is made up of three main things:

  1. Look

It usually takes approximately 7 seconds for someone to make a first impression about you, this is where the design and style of your brand is important. The logo obviously plays a part in this, however, the colours, fonts and the photography and imagery you use all make up the design of your brand.

  1. Voice

This is about your key messaging, tone of voice and the language that you use in your content.

  1. Feel

How do your customers feel once they have interacted with your brand? Think about luxury brands, people usually have a good experience once they have interacted with these brands which then contributes to them eventually buying from that brand. It’s the emotionally feeling that people are left with.

TOP TIP: It is vital that you are consistent with the look, voice and feel of your brand across all communication platforms, whether they have met you in person, visited your website, liked your Facebook page or read one of your emails. This will help raise your profile and increase brand awareness if the look, voice and feel of your brand is inconsistent this will leave people feeling confused and unsure about what it is you actually do and can help your clients with.

We are all unique. When you have absolute clarity and are doing something that you really love and you are passionate about, it sparks that light inside you and this will shine through to others in everything that you do. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, it is important that your passion, personality, core values and personal style are all reflected in your own brand, as well as your personal and business goals being aligned.

Expect your brand to grow and develop! As your grow and develop, your brand should do the same. This is why it isn’t worth investing a lot of money in a fancy logo at the start of your business, at the start of a business is when your business is likely to change and adapt quite quickly and you need to be flexible and allow your business and brand to grow.

YOU are your brand, whether you are employed or are setting up your own business, your brand will decide who employs you, what clients you attract, what friends you have, your hobbies, your relationships… I think you get the point…

When thinking about your personal brand think about the following:


So why is all this important? I am passionate about helping women unleash their inner sparkle and become the best version of not just who you currently are but who you want to be!

I’ve seen fear stand in the way of too many dreams, including my own!!

Through my 12-week Brand Development Programme, I will help you create a brand that is truly aligned with your core values, passion, personality and personal style, as well as gaining the clarity and confidence you need to uplevel your business. Unleash the happy, confident, successful person you know you are supposed to be.

To find out more about working together, visit

Create a business you love. Create a brand that sparkles.

2 thoughts on “Confused about branding?

  1. A great read – really helpful – I think sometimes I separate me and my business – but I think I need to show more of me in my business – I am my brand I guess thank you

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