Having previously registered with Move On Charity, I’d completed 8 weeks of intensive training and filled in an application to become a volunteer Teen Mentor. This year I was chosen by a lovely boy with Ausbergers.

I’ve volunteered with kids who have special needs before but hadn’t had experience with Ausbergers so I did a lot o research but what you soon find is that every single kid is different, special and unique! So, we got to know one another and worked out our own way of working together. I’ve learnt so much and he’s taught me a lot about how he sees the world and how difficult it can be when you don’t always ‘fit into society’ in his words.

While we work through small goals and achievements, we also learn new skills and build his confidence in social scenes. So far we’ve had some guitar lessons, he tried the Sky Park at Xscape, we’ve been to the cinema a few times, visited a gaming cafe, we went to a big event at the SSE Hydro, and soon we’ll be trying out a new goal!

To date, I’ve done over 100 hours of volunteer work in 2016!

A bit about Move On:

From our bases in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Move On works with vulnerable young people and those affected by homelessness.

We offer a range of services providing advice, training, guidance and support enabling vulnerable young people and those affected by homelessness to unlock their potential and achieve a range of positive outcomes. These positive outcomes include; securing or progressing towards a job, accessing and sustaining a home, building confidence, growing support networks and increasing life skills.