After 2014‘s epic charity year, I had lots of incredible plans for more adrenalin junkie fundraising. However, a health scare put a rather sudden stop to that and I had to reevaluate the meaning of ‘doing good’ for 2015. I realised it doesn’t matter how you go about it, it’s how you make others feel, the good deeds you achieve, and the much-needed funds you raise!

Having volunteered in an orphanage in Romania in 2006, I knew I had lots to offer.  I did an extensive training program with Move On Charity and was honoured to become a Teen Move On - MakeMeASuccess Teen Mentor 2015Mentor. I’ve passed my CRB check (hoorah!) and filled in my application so now I’ve
volunteered as tribute, I just need to be chosen by one of the teens (just be cool Kirsten!)

Towards the end of 2015, as the cold weather began, I was thinking more and more about homelessness. Move One had begun originally working with people on the streets and as a local charity, it really makes you think about the people we walk passed and maybe chuck a few coins in the cup. I bought coffees and sandwiches regularly to hand out and took some warm clothing and to charities.

In December, I got involved with a local business who were planning to open their doors on Christmas Day to people in need. The idea was to have dinner and some entertainment for those who were homeless, struggling, or lonely. There were around 50 of us in the initial meeting and from there it grew arms and legs!

I helped set up a quick website so information could be shared with volunteers, people who wanted to donate, and the press. Then we got to work collecting items to give away, ranging from warm clothes, meals we could offer on the day, to much appreciated Christmas presents.

It was a huge and roaring success and I spent an incredible day serving Christmas lunch, chatting to lovely people who just wanted someone to listen, entertaining, joining in the singing and helping the guests have a thoroughly good day.

Read more about it here.

Newspaper Article

Thanks for reading about my incredible 2015, and looking forward to more adventures next year.