Writing a great book is so much more than the right words in the right order. When beautifully written with depth and passion, a book becomes memorable and cherished. That’s my job as a freelance book editor and author coach.

I’m a multi-award winning business owner, published author, my recent clients have hit bestseller status, and I work with national and international clients but for me, what really matters is the connection. And so, I’m selective about who I work with and only take on two to four clients per month so I can truly dedicate the time to each book and client.

Whether it’s a children’s book, a short novella, a value-packed business book, or a 150,000-word YA novel, I help you just write for your own audience. Even without the brand or author, I’ll bet you know who I’m referring to when I say “Because you’re worth it”, “Just do it”, and “A rose by any other name…”. As a professional writer and writing coach, I’ve written and edited for hundreds of clients over nearly ten years, producing purposeful prose that feels authentic and well crafted.

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  MakeMeASuccess Copywriter and Business Coach

Do I need a Professional Freelance Editor?

Many think an editor’s job is just to check for typos and there are free apps out there, so why pay? An editor’s job is so much more than that! It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it that sells books. So we sell the delight and intoxication, not the perfume. Well-written books will climb the ranks and help grow your audience for your next book or can drive traffic if you’re using it as a lead magnet for clients.Freelance copywriter in Glasgow

Whether you’re in need of a freelance book editor in Glasgow or in the surrounding areas, or looking for a remote editor if we’re more global neighbours then get in touch. I work with clients face-to-face and via Skype, so no matter how far away we are, we can still sit down together and chat over coffee.

What if I want to learn how to do it myself?

If you’re trying to work out how to stay motivated, finish your book, get it published, or market your self-published book then you’re using up your valuable time that could be better spent on what you enjoy. I also provide author coaching sessions where I can provide you with the tools, resources, and accountability to finish and publish your book.

Think how much time you are going to save not having to research everything you need to know to become an author! I can coach you on the techniques so you can learn how to write, publish, and marketing your book quicker, better, and smarter. We can take action on your writing locally and digitally and together. I coach people from concept to publication and beyond, fiction and nonfiction authors, aspiring and experienced novelists and business owners who want to elevate their status in their respective industry.

I’ve also curated a massive list of the exact apps and resources that will save you time and help you become published quicker and keep your sanity! I love helping authors define their audience and showing them how to appeal to readers.

If you are an individual with a story to tell or an entrepreneur or business owner based in Glasgow, Edinburgh, or along the Central Belt then I’m happy to travel within reason. Alternatively, we can book a Skype session to work together.

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